Sun Plaza & Center Point Medan

Sun Plaza and Center Point are two prominent shopping and entertainment complexes located in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, Indonesia. These bustling centers offer a vibrant and diverse shopping experience while serving as popular gathering spots for both locals and tourists.

Sun Plaza is a modern shopping mall situated in the heart of Medan. It boasts a wide array of retail outlets, including international and local fashion brands, electronics stores, dining options, and a cinema. The mall’s spacious and well-designed layout provides a comfortable shopping environment. Sun Plaza often hosts events and promotions, making it a hub of activity throughout the year.

Center Point, located in the central business district of Medan, is another renowned shopping and lifestyle complex. It offers an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. Center Point is famous for its bustling night market, where visitors can savor a variety of Indonesian street foods and snacks. It’s a lively spot that comes alive in the evenings, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Both Sun Plaza and Center Point contribute significantly to Medan’s urban lifestyle, catering to diverse interests and preferences. They are not just shopping destinations but also social hubs where people come together to shop, dine, and enjoy leisure activities. These complexes are a testament to the city’s modernization and its ability to blend contemporary retail experiences with local culture, making them must-visit places for those exploring the vibrant city of Medan in North Sumatra.

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